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Ordering and Website Capabilities

We work diligently to provide an easy ordering system for all customers. First, all you have to remember is our phone number, 858-ToGo (858-8646). Call us; an operator is standing by from 8 AM until 9 PM, M-F, 3 PM to 9 PM Saturday @ 3 PM to 8:30 PM Sunday. We also offer a convenient 24 hour on-line ordering system through our website, www.858togo.com. If you are just browsing, you can VIEW and/or PRINT menus as well as CUSTOMIZE A MENU of your favorite restaurants and email it for future reference. Finally, we are very excited about our GROUP ordering capability; check it out. In any event, processing will be expedient, courteous and friendly.

Delivery Zones

Delivery arranged based upon zones. We do everything we can to maintain restaurant food quality by limiting how far drivers travel. To find out your restaurant selections, please call us with your zip code or check out our website, www.858togo.com.

Delivery Fees and Payment Methods

A flat transportation fee of $3.99 for residential customers is charged and waived if the food order is over $100.  For commercial orders $5.95 and 5% transportation fee is charged. For your convenience, we accept cash, credit cards and checks upon approval. Commercial house charge accounts can also be set up upon request.  *Please note: For the safety of the drivers, they limit the amount of cash that they have on hand.


Drivers are mobile waiters, generating most of their income from gratuity. We would suggest 10-15%, as appropriate. Please note that a 10% gratuity is charged for orders in excess of $40.00.

Group Orders

Group trays for buffet serving are available. We maintain a complete line of group, family style, and buffet style menu options. We also offer expanded restaurant options for groups of 10 or more. Please call us and we can assist you in planning your group lunch. Great food and budget friendly!

Gift Certificates

Please ask your operator, 858ToGo gift certificates are a perfect gift for many occasions.

Special Requests

We always make every effort to accommodate special requests. Please let us know if you have a special need.


*858-ToGo is a restaurant marketing firm. When engaging our company to coordinate food delivery, you’re hiring the services of a self-employed catering and delivery professional.
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